BtNL believes in empowering young leaders with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their dreams. Leadership and teamwork skills improve students ability to communicate, work with others, and raises their self confidence. They are taught to learn from their mistakes and approach challenges by thinking outside the box. We believe that each student's strengths and uniqueness is essential to accomplishing their goals. 

To create life long leaders that will impact the world. 


To build self confidence in the next generation of leaders, by creating an environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. 


Online classes teach students leadership and teamwork skills through themed activity based learning. 


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A small group atmosphere where students can do their homework, be held accountable, ask questions, and receive support as needed. The instructors will be available 2x per week, per age group for 90 minutes. Sign up for a time slot and come prepared with your work.


A movie club for kids! In a group, students will watch and discuss the themes of a popular movie while learning how to critically think and articulate their opinions. They will learn to recognize and dissect the elements of storytelling to go deeper into their understanding of what they like or didn’t like. It will be a chance for students to combine entertainment with learning.


A book club for kids! This is an opportunity for students to read books together and discuss the story in a group. Our reading club will help students thoroughly understand the material, teach them to critically think and articulate their opinions. They will also practice empathy as they learn how to acknowledge and understand different opinions. ​


Every Saturday, BtNL offers a Speaker Hour for students. Here we host different speakers that are experts in their fields. Students are able to engage with each other and our guests, ask questions, and participate in fun activities. Our Speaker Hour is a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. Some of our past guests have included the Oregon Chief Judge for the Court of Appeals Jim Egan, and superstar chef Mahsa Darabi from the Food Network show Cutthroat Kitchen.


Each week, students will bake a sweet treat in their own home to share with friends and family. This class will teach the basics of baking: how to read a recipe, measure ingredients, and how to be safe in the kitchen. Students will need to come prepared each week with the ingredients and supply list that will be given the week prior. Students will have input on the recipes chosen.


Our youth cycling team will continue to ride together in the fall months, by connecting virtually using the ZWIFT app. While staying dry and indoors, we will create personalized avatars and see each other on the screen for weekly rides together. This will allow us to continue to ride and stay connected. Each student will need to purchase an indoor trainer and a subscription to the ZWIFT app.

Great Experience

My almost 8yo son tried out the STEAM half day camp during Spring break and was absolutely thrilled to go back each day. He got a chance to be creative and he loved the idea of using materials at home to create different models and concepts. Rachel did a phenomenal job keeping him engaged despite having to conduct all sessions online. At the end of the camp, he asked to be enrolled in the next session. Great experience, highly recommend it!


Amisha Shah Punj

Mom of a 2nd Grader 

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Refund Policy: Refunds can be issued if requested 48 hours before the start of any program. After the start of the first day of the month or session, all sales are final. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

Rachel Saathoff, MEHD

Masters in Education and Human Development


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