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To create life long leaders that will impact the world. 

To build self confidence in the next generation of leaders, by creating an environment that promotes creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. 

Break the Norm Leadership (BtNL) believes in empowering young leaders with the skills and confidence they need to achieve their dreams. Leadership and teamwork skills improve students ability to communicate, work with others, and raises their self confidence. They are taught to learn from their mistakes and approach challenges by thinking outside the box. We believe that each student's strengths and uniqueness is essential to accomplishing their goals. 


Leadership Development at School

Interested in incorporating Break the Norm Leadership (BtNL) curriculum at your school? Let us help you customize a program that suits the needs of your students and budget. 


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Our instructors teach leadership curriculum in schools during the academic year as a weekly 50 min class either online or onsite. Younger students will participate in a variety of leadership activities that teach teamwork and communication skills while older students will work on a year long project that engages their creativity and desire to address a social issue in their community. They will learn project management skills, how to set goals and how to navigate the challenges of working as a team.



BtNL will customize or audit your existing curriculum to add a leadership lens and meet the needs of your students. 

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Our instructors partner with schools to host themed enrichment classes that encourage hands-on activity based learning. During a 6-8 week session students cover topics such as Creativity and Leadership, Leadership and Teamwork, and Leadership and Craftsmanship.



Employee training opportunities to help faculty create a leadership learning environment in the classroom. Topics may include conflict resolution, bullying, leading with a growth mindset, and healthy conflict.


Research based model for youth leadership

Break The Norm Leadership delivers on what it promises. The BtNL team has developed a pedagogically sound curriculum based on a research-based model of youth leadership development. I have seen the results: inquisitive learners who are able to balance intra- and interpersonal awareness with effective self-management and relationship management. It's more than a "feel good" learning experience for these young people. Even though the children are having fun (a lot of it), they are also developing their abilities to solve problems, advocate for themselves, and think critically across different contexts and subjects. Any school that hosts a BtNL program will see how the program amplifies the ability of traditional school curricula to develop thoughtful and self-directed learners.

Dr. Ramien Pierre, PhD

NASA Academy for Program/Project and Engineering Leadership


Wonderful partners to work with

Break the Norm Leadership has been a wonderful partners to work with. The team always approaches our after school program and students with enthusiasm for the work and a deep care for each child's wellbeing. 


Students have enjoyed their time in the leadership classes and they continues to differentiate the content each term (fall, winter, spring) to keep the engagement strong. Families are continuing to sign up for BtNL classes over and again. We look forward to continuing to deepen our partnership with Break the Norm Leadership at OES. 

Chelsea Lamb

Assistant Director of Extension at OES

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