Leadership Development at School

Interested in incorporating BtNL curriculum at your school? Let us help you customize a program that suits the needs of your students and budget. 


Our instructors teach leadership curriculum in schools during the academic year as a weekly 30-45 min class either online or onsite. Students learn leadership lessons such as conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, recognizing unconscious bias, and teamwork skills through hands-on activities and thought provoking discussion questions with their peers.


Our instructors partner with schools to host themed enrichment classes that encourage hands-on activity based learning. During a 6-8 week session students cover topics such as Creativity and Leadership, Leadership and Teamwork, and Leadership and Craftsmanship.


Employee training opportunities to help faculty create a leadership learning environment in the classroom. Topics may include conflict resolution, bullying, leading with a growth mindset, and healthy conflict.


An opportunity for students varying in age to learn leadership and teamwork skills together in a school-wide or grade specific assembly. High School students have the opportunity to learn leadership skills by facilitating a variety of different leadership activities for younger peers.

My team became my family

I like EmpowerDI because my team became my family. It was a program I looked forward to every week and it made me a strongner leader and teammate. My biggest learning was how to listen openly to others opinions. This is an important life lesson because when you open your heart and mind, you can better understand their point of view which is a life skill that will help you throughout your whole life. I also learned that to be a leader doesn’t mean you have to be bossy. The role of a leader is to coach others on stuff you know, and they can teach you things too. I think all kids should do Break the Norm Leadership programs because they will have fun, but also learn skills that will help them forever. (Sima, 6th grade)

Sima Panapour

Student (5th Grade)

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Refund Policy: Refunds can be issued if requested 48 hours before the start of any program. After the start of the first day of the month or session, all sales are final. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

Rachel Saathoff, MEHD

Masters in Education and Human Development


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