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EmpowerDI is a year long youth leadership program for students in K - 6th grade that promotes creativity, teamwork, problem solving, and self-confidence. In each session, your child will learn leadership and teamwork practices, engage in 5 minute instant challenges, and work on their ongoing team projects. EmpowerDI provides an environment where your child will be challenged and encouraged to become a leader in their school and community.


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Destination Imagination Changes Lives
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Social Enterprise Class
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2019 OR State EL PO - Empower DI - Warriors of the Magic Galaxy
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Grown in Self Confidence

Empower DI has done exactly as the name implies! Over the course of the year, Adam has grown in self confidence, determination and teamwork to become EMPOWERED to implement these skills in testing circumstances.


Rehana Malik

Mom of a 6th Grader

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Amazing Experience

Empower DI has been an amazing experience for both of my daughters (ages 9 and 10). They are learning leadership skills as well as how to contribute to a team. These are skills they are building through this program that will serve them for a long term in life plus they are having fun and making new friends. I would highly recommend this program.

Jana Humble

Mom of a 5th and 3rd Grader

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