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Employment Application

Break the Norm Leadership believes leadership is crucial at all stages in life. Using a strength based approach BtNL encourages their staff to use their natural talents and abilities to add value to the organization. We are looking for enthusiastic team members to work online or in person in a variety of positions. If you have a passion or strength you would like to share with our students please contact us.

Current Positions:

Teaching Assistant for After School Extension

Location: Vary based on school, Washington DC Metro 

Time: 2-3h per day Monday-Thursday

To apply email your resume and cover letter to


My work is valuable and fun

Over the course of my time at BtNL, I have gained hands-on leadership experience working with tens of younger kids and other staff members. Classes are designed to help students become stronger and better leaders as they continue through a course or club, but often I find myself learning valuable lessons that have allowed me to grow as a leader as well. Through my experience, I have become a more independent leader, given that many of the projects that I am working on allow me to individually assess how I can address the needs of students and seek help through conversations that I have with my co-workers. I have also grown to be a better communicator, learning how I can use my words in order to effectively push students outside of their comfort zones gradually, leading them to feel more comfortable in positions where students are traditionally too afraid to put themselves into. But arguably the most valuable lesson I have taken away from my work so far is the importance of teamwork; no matter how much I individually work to address my students’ needs, I will always find more success when I collaborate with my peers on a project, and no matter how much I try to teach a student, we will always find more success when we have the mentality that we are working together, and not the mentality that a student is taking lessons from an instructor. My work with BtNL has not only been valuable and fun, but the lessons I have learned are lessons that I can take and apply outside of my work and into my personal and school life for years to come.

Auveen Hajar


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