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After School Enrichment

Quarterly classes that teach students leadership and teamwork skills through themed activity based learning. 

Grades(K-2) (3-5) (6-8)

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Potential to be a Leader

Last summer I enrolled my daughters in a Break The Norm Leadership camp-the rest is history. Little did I know this camp would immerse them in empowerment, connection, empathy, problem solving, diversity and leadership in and out of the classroom and beyond. Rachel has become a life long mentor for my girls-the kind of person every parent could wish for as a role model for their child. Rachel and her staff see the best in kids and are passionate about helping them navigate their challenges into wins and teach kids to overcome obstacles by accessing tools they already have and how to access the ones that don't come so easy.


My oldest daughter joined EmpowerDI this past fall and has spent every Friday after school, for the past 6 months, with who she now refers to as her "DI family". Our daughter has always had the potential to be a leader but more often than not got in her own way. She questioned herself and didn't always channel her infectious energy the best way. As a member of the DI squad, she has been given numerous opportunities to find her voice, her worth and her best self. Rachel doesn't let the kids get away with learned behaviors/habits that are detrimental to their character-she teaches them how to build grit, awareness, and most importantly the power mindfulness. We cannot say this enough: meeting Rachel and enrolling our daughters in her programs has been on of the best decisions we have made as parents. THANK YOU!!!

Mahsa Darabi

Mom of a 5th Grader

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