Jordan Willing

Global Supply Chain Senior Manager for Adidas

Rachel does a really great job of taking some pretty heavy leadership elements (ex: Trust) and making them personal to her audience. She utilizes powerful visual elements to support her presentation and makes sure to align specific activities as well to build upon the educational portions included. I was very impressed with her passion for leadership development and team building. I'm excited to see what else I can learn from her moving forward.

Janine Lichtenstein

Business Analyst IV for Columbia Sportswear

When leadership comes naturally, why work on it... Why not? We can always improve ourselves, for our benefit and that of those around us. Rachel has helped me to think more dynamically and come out of my bubble. She is thoughtful in her approach when introducing new laws and going deeper in a mastermind group. Her guidance is a combination of compelling questions, real life examples, supportive Maxwell and other leaders text all to help me to realize my leadership potential.

Tracy Snow

Master Sergeant for the Air National Guard

I attended a Mastermind Group led by Rachel Saathoff reviewing the John C. Maxwell book "21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership." This course opened my eyes to why leaders do what they do and why they handle situations the way they do. I also learned that all of us are leaders in some way or another - as an employee, a mother, a father, a community leader, a friend, etc. Rachel gave us different ways to look at the different laws that we discussed. I really enjoyed the Mastermind (discussion group) type of setting. I like being able to talk about topics and experiences. Our group was very likeminded and positive. Rachel is engaging and enthusiastic. She shares her passion and belief in these teachings. I can tell she has studied these topics and uses them in her everyday life. She is inspiring and motivating. I loved this class so much I am now taking Rachel's class on John C. Maxwell's book of "15 Invaluable Laws of Growth." Love it already! The material is thought provoking and a great guide for my own personal growth and development. I highly recommend any of Rachel's classes. You will not be disappointed!


Rodney Murdock

Allstate Agency Manager for Carr Autogroup

I want to say thank you so much for your classes and your mentorship. Your coaching style and professionalism is exemplary. I love our monthly meetings and look forward to the Strengths Finders workshop you have tailored for my Allstate Team later this month. I am already using what I learned in the course with two of my team member by understanding their strengths and motivations to improve our relationship and their sales ability. I would highly recommend Rachel for not only individual coaching but for group training.

Jay Edwards

Financial Advisor for Mass Mutual Oregon

Rachel is pretty much the full package. Not only does she provide informed and actionable leadership coaching, but she's also wonderfully plugged-in and thereby provides her students great opportunities to make solid network connections. She'll challenge you where you need it, and will point you to the tools to get you to the next level.

Danielle Cloyd

Owner of Get Styled PDX

Working with Rachel has been so valuable from the get go. Whether one on one or in a group setting she has a distinct talent of honing in on your needs and helping you discover new tools and tricks that lead you to accomplishing your business goals. She is fun, dedicated, passionate, and knowledgeable. Joining her entrepreneurs board of directors group has truly been a breath of fresh air in the journey of owning my own business. The friendships made and skills discovered have brought me to a whole new level of confidence! Anyone trying to grow or sustain a business would truly benefit from time spent with Rachel. Getting to openly share in the group has chipped away at the fear and loneliness of owning my own business. Through Rachel the support and encouragement in the board of directors group has made all the difference in the growth of my business and my emotional well being as an entrepreneur. 

Tim Park

Owner of Mazama Films

Working with Rachel in her weekly business coaching group has really helped me focus my business so that it can grow and be much more productive. She always has an encouraging word, while at the same time is willing to challenge me and assumptions I'm making. Her approach is enthusiastic and direct, and she fosters a spirit of community within the group. There is nothing like learning and having fun at the same time.

Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea

Owner of Gentle Chiro

I worked with Rachel on my strengths finder test. I have been a business owner for 26 years. For many years I have struggled with getting the right employees to fit the the job that I needed. Rachel showed me my strengths and how I could hire people with different strengths than my own.

Marcia Solburg

Senior Manager with Send Out Cards

Rachel is an exceptional leader, and conveys John Maxwell principals in a great presentation. I have attended both a large group presentation by Rachel and her small group coaching through her board of directors group.
Her speaking skills are clear and concise and she is well organized in her presentation and guidance.

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