I started Break the Norm Leadership after working as a leadership and development consultant in corporate America. I realized that true leadership development needed to start much earlier than when adults age into management positions. I believe that every person is a leader with unique strengths and by starting to develop leaders at a young age, we can create the change in the world we want to see. Leadership skills are life skills. My favorite food is ice cream because you can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner because it has dairy in it ;)




Copy Editor and Curriculum Development

I believe that leadership is unlocked in everyone when given the right opportunities, support and resources. BtNL provides students with the opportunities to learn, the support to grow in their confidence and the resources to make a difference in their community. It is important to develop leaders at a young age who are self-aware, creative, and active around the issues that affect them. Young people need to learn how to work together for a common goal and how their unique strengths and passions are essential to a team’s success. 


I prefer a bag of Sour Patch Kids to ice cream or chocolate.





Hi! My name's Rithika Karpy and I'm a leader and instructor at Break the Norm Leadership. I strongly believe that leadership and team development are important skills for the youth as it puts them in a proactive mindset from an early age. Leadership is a skill that can be advantageous in any environment, whether that be school, at home, or even other unexpected situations. To me, leadership is all about bringing people together, making everyone feel like they have a friend to talk to, and building a future that we can rely on. Being a part of many leadership roles and activities, I can undoubtedly say that it has improved my life and that of those around me! On a lighter note about me, I love Thai food and I love to dance! 





My name is Auveen Hajar and I have worked with BtNL for over a year. For me, growing as a leader has been so important because I have more confidence and am a better team player. Leadership is an amazing skill I can apply in many different parts of my life. I think one of the biggest misconceptions people have about leadership is that leadership is dictatorship; rather, leadership is all about working with others and driving towards a common goal. Leadership has been so important in my life and it is one of the skills I am most proud of. 


Now, a little bit about me: My favorite food is pizza and I love to play soccer—in fact, I’ve played for more than 12 years!





I’ve been involved with Break the Norm Leadership for the past few years, instructing  summer camps, the Creativity and Leadership class, homework club, and book club. Although the classes are designed to help young students grow more confident in their ability to lead, I’ve also grown as an instructor. I’ve learned valuable life skills like communication. In addition to personal growth, Rachel has also helped me curate my resume and kickstart my professional career.

Fun Fact: I love to travel with my family, and I've been to over 14 countries! I've also lived in India for 7 years!




My name is Julia and I believe leadership development is important because everybody is a leader and everybody 

can grow and improve. A fun fact about me is that I’ve visited 19 different countries. I chose to work for Break the Norm Leadership because I love working with kids and using my own experience with leadership to guide their growth as leaders.





My name is Arya Massaray and I have been working with BtNL for about a year. I would say growing as a leader has really helped me step out of my comfort zone, become more extroverted and a stronger team player. To me, leadership is the act of stepping up and working as a group to reach an end goal. Although a leader is often portrayed as the person who takes charge and is telling everyone what to do, this is not always the case. Since joining BtNL, I have met and worked with many amazing people and watched them grow as leaders, while also growing in my own leadership skills.


A few things about me are that I love soccer and have been playing since I was 5 years old. I also do Track and Field and my favorite event is Pole Vault. If I could go anywhere in the world I would choose to go to Iceland to visit the Blue Lagoon. Finally, my favorite food is Sushi.




Business Administrator

My name is Veronica and I am the Business Administrator for Break the Norm Leadership. I believe that all kids should learn leadership skills because it makes them more confident. A leader who is confident will be more trustworthy and likeable. Break the Norm Leadership programs help expand the minds of our youth and build their self-confidence. 

A fun fact about me is I probably know more about Pokemon than most kids.






My name is Catherine. When I was younger, I was always labelled as the “shy” classmate. Although I still consider myself introverted, I have developed team skills that have allowed me to serve in leadership positions. Sometimes, we have this perception that only extroverted individuals can be leaders, but some of the most successful executives are introverted. I joined the Break the Norm Leadership team because I believe everyone can be a leader and this organization helps so many students believe that. 

Now, some fun facts about myself: I love pickles so much that I can eat an entire jar of them at once, I bake a lot of cakes during my free time, and I love to read.





My name is Kaitlin Jenson and I have worked at BtNL for over a year and love being part of such a great group of people. Leadership has been a really important part of my life and I am so grateful to be able to give back and help the next generation of leaders. Being a leader for me has been a way for me to grow in my self confidence and empower those around me to find that same confidence. The work we do at BtNL has also helped me to grow every day in my leadership skills. 


Now, some fun facts about me: my favorite color is blue, I am the youngest of three kids, and I unironically really enjoy the high school musical films!

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My name is Kendra and I work with BtNL as a leader and instructor. Growing up, I was always involved in activities such as Girl Scouts and various sports teams. These groups taught me the importance of leadership and how it can help you in so many aspects of life. I believe everyone should realize the importance of leadership, and learn how to be a leader in whatever way fits them best. With BtNL, I’m grateful I get to empower the next generation of leaders and give them the life long tools I learned growing up.


Here are some fun facts about me: I played competitive softball growing up and now play at the collegiate level. I love to hike and explore the beautiful PNW.  I’m coffee obsessed, always looking for the cutest coffee shops around.