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The F Word


Please don’t be offended but today, I want to talk about the F word. Do you know the word I am talking about? It is the word that most children are taught to fear and now as adults we attempt to avoid at all cost because people often associate this word with a feeling of discomfort or pain. Personally, I view it as a growing pain but I know many people struggle to see a difference; pain is pain they say. I hope by now that you have guessed that the “F” word I am referring to is, failure.


I want you to pause for a second and ask yourself, “When is the last time I failed? Was it today, yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, several years ago?” I hope that your answer does not exceed beyond last week. Truthfully, I hope it was today or yesterday, let me explain why.


I wholeheartedly believe that humans were designed to fail. Although failure is normal,  due to cultural norms we have labeled failure as a bad thing. Take a baby for instance, think about the process they go through when they are learning to walk. Most of them don’t just stand up one day and start running. They first learn how to crawl, then they start pulling themselves up on furniture and as their body strengthens they gain more and more confidence. Finally, they are ready to let go and take that first step. In theory, this whole process sounds fairly easy, but we all know it didn't come without the emotional pain of frustration and failure.

Here is the thing, I have never met a baby that has tried to learn to walk but then looked up at their parents and said, “Eh, this is too hard. I guess it is not for me,” and never walked again. It doesn’t happen! Even babies with physical or emotional disabilities, modify and keep trying. They try and try until they finally get it. Success! Eureka!


I ask you this, why as adults are we so risk averse. Rather than have the persistent mindset of a baby, many of us give up after we fail the first few times. Why don’t we learn and make modifications? Why don’t we have a never give up attitude? My challenge for you this week is to put focused attention on that last thing you failed at. Ask yourself, “How can I make modifications and try it a different way? Who if anyone, can I consult to help me learn from my failure? Am I willing to keep trying or will I give up and accept defeat?”


If you need a partner to mastermind and coach you through your last failure, I want to talk with you. I want to help you fail forward into success. Click the button below and let's set up an initial consultation to start learning from your failures so that you can fail forward to success. Set up an Initial Consultation

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