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What is your proudest accomplishment?

November 5, 2018


Recently someone asked me, “What is your proudest accomplishment?” I asked them, “Personally or Professionally?” They responded by saying, “How about both?” The first thing that came to mind personally, was my Seattle to Portland bike ride. I shared with them that I had ridden my bike 204 miles in 1 day. They said, “Motorcycle?” I laughed and said, “No, pedal bike”. They then looked at me with a crazy expression and laughed. I then spent time thinking about my proudest professional accomplishment. I said, “I think it is my youth leadership program. I thought this was a dream that was 5-7 years out but somehow it fell in my lap earlier than expected.”


As I thought more about these accomplishments, I realized that I hadn’t even considered them proud accomplishments because I rarely praise myself for the things I do. I just do them and move on. I am now realizing how silly that is. I should be proud of the things I accomplish and take credit for the hard work it takes. Considering this,I am inspired to do more things that make me proud of myself.


I challenge you this week to ask yourself the same questions. “What are you most proud of personally and professionally?” I would love it if you would share those things with me because I would like to be part of celebrating those with you. You deserve a round of applause and it is time you finally get it!


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