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Leadership: Mind, Body, Soul

October 15, 2018


“We experience the world through our bodies, and our sense of our own body is inexorably linked to our sense of self. Therefore, any assault to the integrity of the body will inevitably threaten integrity of the self” (Merriam and Bierema, 2014, p133). Personally, I really love this quote because I am a huge believer in the connection of mind, body, and soul. I find that the older I get, the more important it is for me to be aware of these three components. When one or more are out of balance, they impact how I perform or respond in all aspects of my life, especially my ability to learn, reflect and critically think.


Over the years, I have learned that a key indicator that I am out of balance is when I don’t have a desire to exercise or eat healthy. When I am not taking care of my body by fueling it with nutritious foods and exercise, I find that my thinking is foggy and my attitude turns to not caring about things that are typically important to me. I also find that my energy level decreases and I am less likely to do activities that take care of my spirit such as journaling, reading, and meditation.


In attempts to help me stay grounded and in alignment, I see a healer 1-2x per month. By trade, she is a massage therapist but is so much more than that. I jokingly nicknamed her “she-yagi” as in the female version of Mr. Miyagi from the movie the Karate Kid. During our sessions she often performs an array of holistic medicinal healing methods, one of them being body talk. While in our last session she said to me, “I have asked your body what it needs 3x and it keeps giving me the same response.” I said, “What does it say?” She said, “Fix me!” I laughed and said, “Sounds about right.” She then asked me if I wanted to share, and how my stress level had been. I expressed that life has continually piled on itself, more than ever before, and thus I felt the urgency to see her. I expressed it has impacted my business, school work, and personal life. As we continued to talk through things, we developed a plan to help me get back on the road to healthy living.


This week, I encourage you to start getting intune with your body. What is it asking from you? Is your body like mine, desperately asking to be fixed? What does “fix me” even mean? I know my body’s version of needing to be fixed is much different than yours. As your mind, body, and soul start to speak to you I encourage you to start asking yourself, “Now that I know, what will I do?”. I encourage you to have realistic goals that you can develop over time, not just for a week or month.


I get it, keeping your mind, body, and spirit in balance can be a challenging task. If you need help, or even someone to talk to about it I would love to connect. The healthier you live, the healthier leader you can becoming for all those that you influence.


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