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Trusting your Intuition

I have often found that when you bring up the topic of people’s energy, especially as it correlates to leadership, many are unsure of what to think. To me, it is no different than what leadership expert John Maxwell refers to as the “Law of Intuition” or some may say a “gut feeling”. I strongly believe that a leader who is intune with the energy around them often makes better decisions than those that base decisions purely on facts.


The other day I had lunch with a mentor of mine and during our conversation he started talking about leadership and Pete Carroll the head coach for the Seattle Seahawk. I am not a football person but I do find coaching as it pertains to leadership, fascinating. As he talked about Coach Carroll he said, “If it was up to me, I would have fired him several years ago.” I said, “Why is that?” He said, “He let fame go to his head and stopped doing what got him to the Super Bowl in the first place.” I said, “What was it that he stopped doing?” He said, “What used to make Coach Carroll unique, was that during the draft he would not spend his money on the top picks. He would find players that he thought had potential, not based only on their statistics but by his gut feeling. He would take a chance on them by drafting them to his team, coach them up, and send them out on the field. One by one he built his Super Bowl team.”


As business leaders, we sometimes need to look for opportunities like Pete Carroll. We need to trust our intuition and not necessarily look at the shiny numbers but the potential. On paper, Russell Wilson was not a top draft pick and Carroll took a chance on him. He coached him up and together they lead the team to the Super Bowl, two years in a row.


I encourage you this week to think about your team and ask yourself, “Which of my people do I feel has the most potential and why?” Is it because they are the one currently showing the numbers or is it because they showcase another skill or ability? As you continue to lead your team or hire new people for your organization, I encourage you to be like Pete Carroll and look past the stats on the paper.




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