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What is your capacity?

September 24, 2018


Whenever I start working with a new client, we first start with goal setting because it is important we are both clear on what we are working towards. Once the goals are defined we start looking at their capacity or ability to achieve said goal. I often find that though my clients have good intentions when they set their goals, many don’t have the time or ability to continually follow through to achieve them. I believe this is why many of us fail to meet our goals. Our intentions are pure, however, our capacity is already maxed out. Like a plate spinner, you can only spin so many plates until one by one, they start to drop and shatter on the ground.


As many of you know, I recently added a new branch to my business called #EmpowerDI. This branch is my youth leadership program that works with kids 3rd-8th grade on developing their leadership and teamwork skills through project based learning. While I was in my recruiting stage of gathering students for the year long program, one of the dad’s came to me and said how excited he was to have his daughter in a program like this. He said, “She already has a busy schedule but one way or another, we will make this happen.” A week or so down the road, he emailed me and shared that he had talked with his wife and due to their existing schedules with work and kids, it didn’t seem practical for her to join. I told him that I understand and appreciate that he was able to assess their capacity as opposed to signing up for something they would not be able to follow through on. When he responded he said, “I wish I could take that credit, but it was my wife that said it was too much. Knowing my capacity is a skill I need to work on. If it was up to me, she would be doing it.”


Capacity is different for every person. There is no measurement that says, you are this tall, weigh this much, and are this age, thus your capacity is (x). Timing, circumstances, environmental factors, and support of others,  all play into our capacity. As we continue to add more plates, once they start to get unstable, they affect not only us but those that rely on us. We start missing deadlines at work. We start showing up late, or are not mentally present. Things we used to do quickly, now take us twice as long because our body is tired and our minds are full. Everywhere we look, plates are dropping and it feels like we have no control over it. We begin to feel not only disappointed in ourselves but that we have disappointed others.


Have you ever felt like this? If you are a person that needs help organizing your priorities and looking at your capacity, I want to chat with you. It is time that you focus on the important goals, rather than the things that simply take up your time. When you can set your priorities, and know your capacity, that is when you can start to achieve your true goals.

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