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It continues to amaze me how a simple space or capital letter can be the difference between two radically different words; extra ordinary or extraordinary. Now ask yourself, what happens when you add a question mark at the end of each word? Extra Ordinary? Extraordinary? Did you ask yourself, which am I?”


A few weeks ago, I was in downtown Portland and while fiddling with the parking meter, I overheard a conversation by what appeared to be, two homeless men. The first man said, “I believe that all human are geniuses.” That statement alone raised my eyebrow, caused me to chuckle and stop what I was doing to look up. I wanted to see the expression not just on his face but the face of his friend. The second man had a hilarious expression on his face, similar to my own saying, “This dude is cwwwwwazy!”. The first man said, “Before you say anything, hear me out. I think every human is a genius, but not all humans use their genius. Many of us go our whole lives, never tapping into our internal genius. While others tap into it at a very early age. Our genius isn’t all the same though, it is different for every person. What defines us is, ‘if, when, why and how’, we use it.”


By this time, the man definitely got the wheels in my brain turning. I wish I could have stayed to listen to the remainder of the conversations. As I thought more and more about it, I kept referencing back to my love for the words “extra ordinary and extraordinary”. I believe that they too apply to this man’s theory. We are all capable of being an extraordinary genius, though many of us never reach beyond the status quo. I believe this has a lot to do with Albert Einstein’s similar quote that says, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” Finding your extraordinary genius is not always a simple task and never comes without failure. Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Mother Teresa all failed forward until they discovered their extraordinary genius. They kept trying and never allowed the judgements of others to keep them from success.


My challenge for you this week is to dig deep and ask yourself, “Am I ok with being extra ordinary or am I called to be an extraordinary genius?” I don’t care which you decide to be, just make sure you own it so that at life’s end, you have no regrets. If you were made to be an extraordinary genius, I want to chat with you. I want to hear all about your hopes and dreams and if you have yet to discover them, I want to help you do so. Why wait for tomorrow, when you can start today? Lets Chat


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