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My Next Adventure


My New Adventure

As several of you know, last December I decided to explore the possibility of going to graduate school. This has always been something I have wanted to do. However, for many years, the thought of going back to school brought on symptoms of a panic attack. I still have dreams where I slept through my alarm clock on test day or forgot to turn in my end of term paper. I also never really knew what kind of Masters I wanted or how it would help me move forward in my career, until now.


Initially, I thought the obvious choice was to go and get my MBA (Masters in Business Administration). As I looked through the curriculums at different schools, I realized that it meant I would have to take math and accounting courses. Talk about panic attack! It has been almost ten years since the last time I had to do complex math. As I did more research, I thought about programs in HR and Education, but neither seemed like the right fit. Suddenly, thanks to the brilliance of Google, I discovered there is a Masters Degree that applies directly to my line of work. It is called the MAOL (Masters in Organizational Leadership). Initially, I was shocked and thought it was too good to be true.


After researching several schools and their curriculums, I found that one impressed me more than the others. That was the online program through George Washington University. In a weeks time, I was able to pull my entire application together and apply before the deadline. I did a Skype interview with the program director (while I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!) Within two weeks time of learning about the program, I found that I had been accepted. What a whirlwind it was.


Due to unforeseen family circumstance at the end December, I had to regrettably defer my acceptance until hopefully the next semester. It is now almost the beginning of a new semester and I am excited to announce that I was able to click the ACCEPT button. I am very excited to see how this new chapter shapes me as a person, coach and small business owner. I also look forward to passing along some of my learnings to you, my blog subscribers. So I hope you are ready to join me on my new adventure!


Break the Norm Leadership will still continue business as usual. This is just an extra bit of icing on the cake.

I have attached my Personal Statement that I wrote during my application process, for those interested in reading it. Personal Statement

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