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Energy, energy, energy


Energy, energy, energy. What is this energy that everyone keeps telling me I have? I don’t think I have that much energy, most days I feel like a 90 year old geriatric woman. I even have a few grey hairs to prove it. My friends tease me for going to bed far too early for a 32 year old. If they text me in the evening after 8pm they know not to expect a response until early the next morning. But does early riser equate to this energy people refer to? I don’t think so. Yet all the time people say to me, “I love your energy”. 


The first few times I shook off the statement as a comment of randomness but then it kept happening. I finally became intrigued and knew I needed to start exploring it. I asked myself, “What is this energy everyone keeps talking about and where can I find some insight?” I decided to call my sister and ask for her opinion because I knew she would be the most honest. That is what sisters do right? They tell you the hard truth whether you like it or not. “Yes that dress does make you look fat or no I don’t like your boyfriend.” According to her this energy relates back to several of my personal strengths that were identified in my Gallup Strength Finders assessment. 


As we talked, I asked her “Is this energy people refer to my Woo?” She laughed and said,”Partly, but I think it is a combination of several different things that people find attractive. For starters, you are a good conversationalist and when combined with woo it allows you to easily meet new people, find commonalities and create bonds for friendship. I believe your activator strength also helps because it allows you to take an idea, get others on board and quickly put it into action. Dad and I are thinkers so unlike you, it takes us a lot longer to get excited about an idea and put it into action. For you, those three themes often overlap each other and I believe that is the energy people are referring to when they say, “I love your energy”. 


Do people make comments to you regarding your skills or personality that make you think twice? It is true that others notice things in us before we see it in ourselves. Strength Finders is a tool that gives you a vocabulary for what you are naturally good at. Once you identify your strengths you can then start intentionally developing and leveraging them in your everyday life. I am a certified coach in Strengths Finders and have helped individuals and teams understand how to utilize their personal strengths in all areas of life. If you or your team are interested in discovering your strengths and how to use them, lets chat. I can help you Break the Norm when it comes to Strength based leadership. 

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