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As many of you know, I am a crazy networker. I love meeting new people and sometimes those people turn into business contacts, clients, friends or we go our separate ways. I do it because I love hearing people’s stories, learning about the things they love and the things they are passionate about. Everyone I meet is so different and on special occasions I meet people like William who is a rare gem and left a lasting impression on my life.


I was introduced to William through a mutual friend who suggested we meet for coffee. Due to the cold weather, we decided to make it a coffee and a lunch. As we chatted every word he spoke was so wise that I found myself torn between taking notes or simply being present and absorbing the experience. I chose the latter, though I wish I could have written everything he said, word by word.


At the end of lunch, he looked and me and said something I will never forget. He said, "Rachel, I have one piece of life advice for you. If you remember nothing else, remember this. Never let FEAR keep you from opportunity. Everything I have accomplished in life is because I have lived by that mantra and I hope you will consider it too." William then put on his coat, mentioned how nice it was to meet me and hoped that I would keep in touch.


After William shared this one piece of advice, I had more and more questions racing through my head. As the day progressed his statement kept racing through my head as if it was on automatic repeat. It has continued to this very day. I swear to you, I think about it at least 5x per day.


A few days, I started to think about why that phrase stuck to me like super glue. What was it about that phrase that my body and brain craved? Was I currently allowing fear to control my life? I didn't think so, but I kept searching for meaning because I am a big believer in "all things happen for a reason.” In the end, I have decided to make it my mantra for 2018. Rather than a New Year’s Resolution, I am creating a New Year’s Mantra for myself. I know in my heart of hearts that only good will come from it.


My challenge for you this week is to find a New Year’s Mantra for yourself and remind yourself of it daily to help motivate and inspire you too.

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