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Sharing Cake

Sharing Cake!
Have you ever met a person whose energy and optimism for life is so abundant that no matter where they go, they change the liveliness of a room. You can only describe them with words like sweetheart, kind and compassionate. This is my friend Carla Mayes, the owner of "Nothing Bundt Cakes"! She is the epitome of all the best attributes of a Southern Bell. She even has the Texas drawl. She is a fantastic example of a leader that naturally shines in her ability to build relationships and bring people and the community together.   

When I first met Carla we instantly bonded over a shared work history. She too, has a background in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Carla unlike most people in Mary Kay had the rare opportunity to train with Mary Kay Ash herself. Every time we meet, I always want to pick her brain and ask her a million questions about her experiences learning from one of the greatest female leaders in American history. 

For those of you that don't know, Mary Kay Ash was a trail blazing leader. She not only led a revolution for women by providing an opportunity for women to be entrepreneurs but she also started to change the way we think and approach leadership. She taught people to lead by the golden rule, focusing on people over profit. She believed if you authentically help enough people, they will help you too! 

One of the questions that I asked Carla was "what leadership lessons did you learn from Mary Kay that you still apply in your business today?" She told me, "I will never forget how Mary Kay said that every person has a sign around their neck that says make me feel important. I utilize my business "Nothing Bundt Cakes" to do exactly that. In Mary Kay, we used the products to bring women together with a shared interest, skin care and cosmetics. With Nothing Bundt Cakes, I use cake to bring people and communities together. I go around to local businesses or events and simply share my cake! It doesn't cost them anything but it is amazing how it truly brings people together." As leadership expert Simon Sinek would say, Carla started with the "WHY". 

Carla's story truly inspires me as a business owner and a leader in my community. I aspire to one day make an impact on my community to the same capacity that she does!

My challenge for you this week is to ask yourself, "how can I be like Carla Mayes and start with the WHY? How can I use my natural talents and abilities to change our community for the better?" 


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