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How is your mindset?


How is your mindset? As leaders, that is one of the most important questions we must ask ourselves every moment of every day. Our mindset impacts every decision we make, big or small. It is the small decisions that then determine our progress towards our bigger goals or desires.

This fish bowl image reminds me of a colleague of mine that I once teased as being a BIG FISH in a little bowl. This friend has a unique talent but rather than fully developing it he would swim around and around and around until he finally reached a point where he was to big for his bowl and realize how the limitations of his bowl were holding him back. He chose change.

The thing about mindsets is that they can allow us to grow or trap us like a cage. But it is our choice as to which option we choose. We can choose to stay in the confines of familiarity or step into an area of growth but also uncertainty. Leaving our comfort zone can feel like the hometown basketball star who chooses to never leave or the one who chooses to take it to the next level and play at the collegiate level. Now, the hometown star is surrounded by other hometown stars and is merely average or less than. The difference is that he/she is now in an environment for growth and development. He/she now has the opportunity to expand their wings and become all that they can be until they out grow that tank and it is time to step into an even larger tank.

My question for you is, is it time for you to step into a new tank? Are you the BIG Fish that needs a mindset change of scenery? If so, what does that new tank or change of scenery look like and are you ready to take the leap?



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