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Excuse me, where are your manners?

As a child, my mother was a stickler on manners! I can hear her voice in my head saying, "excuse me, where are your manners?" In fact, I commonly hear myself saying that to small kiddos in my life these days! Oh no, I hope that doesn't mean that I am becoming my mother! lol

I remember the first time I was truly impacted by a simple thank you. I had helped a young boy around the age of 7 with a project and later that day while driving in the car he thanked me! It took me by surprise because it was completely unprompted by any adult. In that moment, I was flooded with all kinds of emotions. The first one being proud but also surprised for his good manners at such a young age. It really opened my eyes to the power of a thank you and the usage of good manners no matter your age. They then became more than something I said because mother told me to as a child but something I said from the heart with real meaning.

I encourage you to think back on an experience when manners impacted your life. Was it a please or thank you like me? It might have even been a simple hello or a challenging apology. Think about how you felt before and then after. Then think about someone in your life who deserves some of your long over due manners and then do something about it today!

I hope that you want to add manners back into our world as much as I do, but remember, change starts with you and me!



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