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How is your timing?

The Law of Timing: When to lead is as important as what to do and where to go.  -John C. Maxwell


How often do you truly think about timing and the importance it plays in your life. Timing is in every decision you make big or small and it has a major impact on your results. In the book "The 21 Irrefutable Law of Leaders" by John Maxwell, he states that TIMING is everything:
      1. The Wrong Action at the Wrong Time leads to disaster.
      2. The Right Action at the Wrong Time brings resistance.
      3. The Wrong Action at the Right Time is a mistake.
      4. The Right Action at the Right Time results in SUCCESS.

I recently joined a Portland Cycling group to help me train for Reach the Beach. This is a bike ride from Portland to Pacific City and is 105 miles. Now, I am a very new and green rider, this is why I joined this group to help me prepare for the grueling ride. If you are familiar with the sport of cycling you have probably heard of pace lines. These are close knit lines where cyclists draft off one another to preserve energy. When done correctly they are very helpful but one wrong action by the leader or a teammate can lead to disaster and the injury of many. Every decision and every action a leader in a pace line makes determines its success. That success, in turn determines the safety of the other riders. 

Now cycling is obviously different from business but in some ways can be seen very similarly. Pace lines have leaders, teammates and must work together to reach their goal. When the leader is off pace or a team member is not in sync with his teammates it throws off the whole team and leaves everyone exposed to potential harm. Timing is everything!

I challenge you this week to slow down your thinking and start mindfully making decisions by asking yourself "how does timing play in to my results?". I believe that by doing this, you will start making better decisions towards achieving your end result. If you are a leader, it will help you consciously set the pace for others and as a team member it will help you stay in sync with your team. Remember, timing is everything and doing the right action at the right time is the only time we result in success!

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