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"The best revenge is massive success" -Frank Sinatra




I am frequently asked by others, "why I became a leadership coach". My response was starting to feel the same every time I was asked. So I took a few days and really began thinking about it, "why did I become a leadership coach?" I realized, as I dug down deep that it was an uncomfortable question for me. I had to stop and think about some of my past experiences. Experiences that led me to getting fired from past jobs, yelled at, told I couldn't or that I wasn't good enough. Like I said, "uncomfortable experiences!"

I don't know if you can tell from the name of my business "break the norm" but I am a person who has a tendency to be a little bit different. I think and solve problems in a way that is unique. I often felt like I was doing the right thing but I was often reprimanded for my actions. I would later find out that what I had done was "going against the grain" or "breaking the norm" and that wasn't acceptable even though I arrived at similar or better solution. I felt like others were always trying to put me in a box, when all I wanted to do was stand outside of it and yell "STOP trying to put me in a box". I have always thought of myself as a SQUIRCLE...half square, half circle. I never felt like I fit into societies NORM or BOX they tried to put me in.

This would lead me back to entrepreneurship and focus on leadership. I realized just because I am not cut from the cloth made for a corporate company, doesn't mean I can't work with them to help create change. That is when I realized that my legacy is to "develop leaders that dare to be different and have the perseverance and passion to change the norm". I do this by working with leaders on their soft skills...the interpersonal relationships skills that they don't teach in business school. This is my legacy!

My question to you is, what is your legacy? How will you leave a footprint on the world? I hope that you, like me turn revenge into success. Turn those uncomfortable feelings into passion, perseverance and purpose. Only with a strong WHY will you achieve massive success! I hope that you don't let fear stand in the way of achieving your legacy so that you too can leave a footprint not a butt print in the sands of eternity.

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