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Always Forward, Never Backwards

February 27, 2017


A few weeks ago, I went to the eye doctor and she suggested a new eye glass prescription. My past frames were practically new and decided that I only wanted to purchase new lenses not frames. If you have ever been shopping for glasses, this is easier said than done. Every where you look, companies are offering the combo packages with an eye exam, frames and lenses but when you only want lenses, it is almost twice the cost! So, I shopped around and each place seemed like they had a million questions. They wanted to know about my past frames, the new prescription, the type of lens I have had vs what I want now? Did I want anti-glare? Did I want scratch resistance? How often will I be wearing them? Will I wear them at night? Will I wear them driving? Will I wear them using electronics? All of these questions had me overwhelmed!!! To be honest, my first thought was, "does it all really make a difference?"

I finally met a wonderful sales woman who saw how overwhelmed I looked and took the time to talk me through the process. She explained that all of the add on features were like filters for the glasses and would change the way I see. Some filters would tint colors more blue while others yellow. Some would even change the experience for others that looked at me while wearing my glasses...glare or no glare. I had no idea that all of these filters made such a difference and it got me thinking about this quote, "always forward never backward".

Every day, our lives are like the filters on glasses. Our experiences whether they are good, bad or ugly create a filter on the way we see the world. Those filters then alter and change the way we behave and make future decisions. Some times we realize it but often we don't. Those filters can then leave us living in the past and not for the future.

My question for you this week is, "what past life experiences have left you with a limiting filter on your life??? Can you even identify those filters? If so, what actions will you take action to remove it? If not, what actions can you take to help identify them?

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