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No Tomorrow

February 24, 2017


Last Thursday, I like many of you was so kindly blessed with a flu like head cold. While sick in bed, I began binge watching the CW show "No Tomorrow". It is about a guy named Xavier who is a mathematician and calculates that there is an asteroid that will hit Earth and destroy man-kind. When he meets Evyie in the beginning of the series he shares with her that there is only 8 months left to live. Of course, she and everyone else believes he is nuts and he decides that if no one is going to believe him that he will live out his last few months checking off items on his "Appoloco-List". This is a list similar to a bucket-list, that challenges him and Evyie to live in the moment and try or experience things that they would not ordinarily do because they were to busy with work and life or it was outside of the social norm.

In one of the episodes in the middle of the series he gathers a group together and gives them each a piece of chalk. He challenges them to write down the things that they would do if they knew the world was ending tomorrow. This group all looked at his challenge as a hypothetical, unaware that there was an asteroid headed towards Earth.

Now, I am not an asteroid physicist or a mathematician but I challenge you with the same question. If you knew that the world was ending tomorrow or in the very near future, what would you do? My next questions is, why does it take a catastrophic fear to get you into action. What is it that you have always wanted to do but have never done? What will it take to get you to do it? Don't wait...Do it NOW!

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