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Character Counts

January 24, 2017


For those of you that know me well or have attended a workshop of mine, probably know that I LOVE KIDS!!! I love them because they are so pure in intentions, curious and happy. So many of the things they do, they are learning for the first time. Their experiences are molding and shaping them into the adults they will soon become. That is why, I believe it is so important to teach CHARACTER early.

My best friend, is a kid! She is 6 years old and in kindergarten. We have been best friends for 3 years which is half of her life ;) Recently, I came face to face with a situation where I needed to have a conversation with her about character. A long story short, she deliberately stole candy after her mother specifically told her she needed to wait until after dinner. When I confronted her about it she said, "Mom is home, you aren't in charge and she didn't see me!!!" I was stunned by her response! My cute little 6 year old best friend had grown DEVIL HORNS and wasn't so cute any more. I was upset but decided that it was in both of our best interests to walk away and addresses the situation when I wasn't so emotional upset about it.

A few days passed and I had some time to think about it. It made me think about how Character Counts. It doesn't matter how cute and sweet you are capable of being when it is convenient for you. What matters is that you aim to be a person of strong character all of the time. I am not saying you need to be perfect, because no one is perfect. Character is about our intentions. When you mess up, you acknowledge it and apologize for it. The intentions behind the actions however must never be to hurt others.

Character Counts! When our character is questioned that means others struggle to trust our integrity...ouch! Integrity is what relationships are built on and when others struggle to trust our integrity that is never a good place to be. Doesn't matter who the relationship is with, when others can't trust your integrity that means you have some serious character challenges.

I encourage you to take a strong look into your character. Ask others for feedback. If you find that you have character challenges, own up to them! Start by asking yourself, "what actions do I need to take to be a person of character?" Then start mending those relationships." Without strong character there is no trust and without trust you have next to nothing and you definitely don't have influence with others which is what leadership is all about.

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