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Growth Plan

January 10, 2017


"Time for growth must be planned." -John Maxwell
How much time do you spend on personal development? Do you dedicate time daily, weekly, monthly? I am frequently asked by clients and colleagues of mine, "how much time should I spend? My day is very busy, how do I fit it in? What should I spend my time doing? These are all very great questions and my answer to you is that everyone's journey is different.

I personally work on developing myself daily. I wake up at 5am because that is the quietest part of my day. When I first started this routine, it was anything but easy. But I knew that this was the only guaranteed uninterrupted time in my day. I give myself 1 hour to focus on me, and only me, and this is what I do.

Every morning, I listen to John Maxwell's Word of the Day and Darren Hardy's morning message. I read a chapter from a new book and then spend the last few minutes writing about yesterday and planning for today. I ask myself 5 questions:
1. What did I learn yesterday?
2. What are my challenges for today?
3. What are my opportunities for today?
4. What are my intentions?
5. How is my attitude?

My "why" for personal growth is that I know that every day I make it a priority to do my quiet time, my day is more productive because I have planned and thought out my thoughts. My question to you is, do you plan time in your day for personal growth? How often do you do it and what do you spend your time doing? I challenge you to plan it into your schedule for a month and see what happens in your life!

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