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Bull Dog Mentality

January 4, 2017


Do you have a bull dog mentality?
Have you ever hung around a bull dog? I used to crossfit at a gym where the mascot was a bull dog named Dutchess. She was the owners dog and I always felt she was a great mascot because she was strong and confident which was what we crossfitters were all aiming for...right?

Dutchess loved to play especially before class and during stretch time. She never wanted to play fetch and if you threw her toy across the room she would look at you like "what did you do that for, you go get it!". She like most Bull Dogs knew her strength was in her musculature and stature and her favorite game was tug-of-war.

Tug-of-war with a Bull Dog is not the same as playing with any other breed of dog. Myself and most crossfitters in the gym were lucky to win against her because of her tenacious attitude, achiever personality and desire to win. You could lift her toy so high that all 4 of her legs came off the ground but she will still lock jawed on that toy. She never gave up!

My question to you is, when in life do you have the bull dog mentality? When you look in the mirror do you see a person that will never give up? If not, I encourage you to reach within and find your inner bull dog because it is amazing what you can achieve when you never give up!

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