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How are you Breaking the Norm?

November 8, 2016

How do you Break the Norm? 

This morning I met a woman for coffee that I met last week at a networking event. I assumed that last week was the first time I had met her but while chatting she acted as though we had met before. I politely interrupted her, asking “have we met before last week?” She said, “yes, at a chamber meeting but don’t worry, I am forgettable”. My heart sank and felt terrible not having remembered her! She then said, “you however are not forgettable”. I said, “ME!? Why do you say that?” She replied, “because when you walk into a room, everyone notices. You have an energy about you that draws attention. You also have the whole ‘look’, the unique style, the sassy hair and put together appearance. When you walk into a room you BREAK THE NORM just like your business name. Even your business card is memorable”. I guess I have never thought of it that way. To me, I am just me but the things that she pointed out are things that set me apart from the crowd and make me original. My questions to you is, what makes you memorable? Do you want to be memorable or do you want to blend in with the crowd? I hope you strive to be memorable because the things that make you special might be the things that others need to fill their cup. Always be you but I encourage you to aim to always be the best version of you possible!

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