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Abundance vs Scarcity

October 11, 2016

Abundance vs. Scarcity: 

Do you lead your life with a mindset of SCARCITY or ABUNDANCE? I learned this lesson the hard way from a mentor of mine. She pointed out that I had continually been looking for the bottom line and my bottom line and top line were the same. I expected the bare minimum and continued to achieve it or fall just short of it. Never surpassing it and living with a constant feeling of disappointment. When she first pointed this out, I got defensive but after thinking more about it, I realized it was true. 


John Maxwell says, “When you live with a scarcity mindset, you will always get what you expect...No one experiences abundance while anticipating scarcity. So why not try abundance? At best, you’ll experience abundance. At worst, you’ll get the scarcity you’ve already been experiencing. You have nothing to lose.”


Are you an abundance thinker or have you fallen into the trap of scarcity thinking, like me? At first, thinking in abundance was a challenge for me. I had a “deserve level” issue! Where I didn’t feel like I was worthy or capable of abundance. “That happens to other people but not me”. I made a decision, that I was not longer going to be a victim of scarcity thinking!!! As I began to change my thinking, my life began to change too. What areas of your life are you thinking in scarcity? Will you change it to abundance? What do you have to lose?

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