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Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.

November 29, 2016


Don't raise your voice, improve your argument.
Have you ever been recorded during an argument? If not, take a second and close your eyes. Think about the last argument you were in. Who was it with? Where were you at? What were you fighting about? What did you say? Were your comments helpful or hurtful? Are you proud of your responses?

More often than not, we are not proud! When we are in the heat of an argument our emotions are high and our passion is strong. Our voice is raised in hopes to be heard by the other person. For many of us, it is a chain reaction that with a raised voice comes a puffed chest. Animal instinct, I guess. We no longer listen to others and they no longer listen to us. It doesn't matter how loud our voice get, we are now in survival mode...waiting to see who will back down first!?

Sound familiar? I encourage you, the next time you feel yourself starting to escalate, to be the first to walk away. It doesn't mean you have lost the fight or that it is done forever. It just means it is done for now. It means you are taking action to be the bigger person, walking away to gather your thoughts and tend to your feelings. Don't be mistaken, I am not giving you permission to go gossip with other. I am giving you permission to gather your thoughts, create a clear and concise message and improve your argument. Then, when you are calm and clear headed approach the situation again. Always be the bigger person and remember,  "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument".

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