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What would your picture of INTEGRITY look like?

November 15, 2016


What would your picture of INTEGRITY look like?
Have you ever read the classic novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”? It is a story about a man named Dorian who believes that life is all about good looks, fame and money. One day, Dorian decides that he is at pinochle of his good looks and wants it captured on a canvas. While having this image painted, Dorian wishes that from then on, the image would age instead of him. To his surprise, the wish was granted. As Dorian continued to live his unmoral life, he noticed that each day the image would change a bit. It got uglier and uglier. This displeased him and he decided to lock the image away so that no one, including himself could see it. 18 years later, he pulled out the image and it looked disgusting. He thought to himself that maybe if he started doing good deeds for others, it would reverse the effects on the image. But the image continued to get uglier and uglier. 


Why is that? It is because Dorian lacked the value of integrity. His good deeds and his bad deeds were the result of selfish motives. When you help others, do you have selfish motives that on the surface only you can see? My question to you is, if you had a painted image like Dorian reflecting your daily actions and motives, what would it look like Dorians?

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