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I liked how I got to be creative

I have participated in many BtNL programs but my favorite was EmpowerDI. I liked how I got to be creative, and research how I wanted to develop solutions for my team projects. I learned how to make a balloon car for my team's engineering challenge, and designed and painted a beach themed backdrop for my team skit. Acting is fun! My biggest take away was that I learned how to work together as a team.  That it’s ok to agree to disagree but healthy conflict is an important part of teamwork. I also learned the importance of decision making and during our team's instant challenge it was my job to assign roles and responsibilities to my teammates so we could complete the challenge in the limited time period. I think all kids should be in DI because it taught me a lot and I am excited for next year's competition.

Austin Akhavi

 6th Grade Student

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Rachel Saathoff, MEHD

Masters in Education and Human Development


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