Rehana Malik

5th Grade Mom

Empower DI has done exactly as the name implies! Over the course of the year, Adam has grown in self confidence, determination and teamwork to become EMPOWERED to implement these skills in testing circumstances.

Karen Chichetu

6th Grade Mom

My daughter loved it. This program allows kids to be creative and to solve problems through challenges that encourage teamwork. It had a positive impact on my daughter, and the biggest takeaways for her were; listening to others and learning to compromise. In addition, Rachel has genuine love for kids and passion for what she does. The kids learn not only from the program itself, but from the way Rachel guides them and believes in them; and they come out of it confident and able to logically think through challenges. After the competitions my daughter was more passionate about what they could do to improve rather than winning or losing. 


4th Grade Mom

Empower DI has made such a positive impact on our son, in every sense of the way!  He has become more communicative with his teammates, collaborative and imaginative in his problem-solving skills, and has gained an incredible sense of pride and confidence!  Empower DI is learning by doing.  It allows children to take risks, fall forward and grow together while taking on real-life challenges...all while having fun!  We are incredibly grateful to Rachel for bringing Empower DI to life and igniting our son's leadership skills!!


The Williams Family

Trista Ainsworth

5th Grade Mom

My son has really learned so very much over the past few months on his teams at Empower DI. I love the focus on leadership skills and teaching kids to work together on teams. He has grown a lot socially and learned some great skills. He has also enjoyed the creative aspects of this program. Rachel is a fantastic leader of this group for youth and is very passionate about their success! Thank you for such a wonderful program! 

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