#Empower Innovation

Empower Innovation, is an incubator for high school students looking for an opportunity to bring their passions to life. In an online and competitive world, being experts in technology and social media won’t be enough to reach your goals. Skills in leadership, teamwork, problem solving and innovation are what will set you apart and give you a platform to change the world.  This year long opportunity will help you discover new skills and strengths in real life situations. It will provide an environment where you can learn the technical skills you need, but also practice the leadership skills that will make you shine. Why wait until tomorrow, when you can make your idea a reality today.

Our Mission

Empowering young leaders to be innovative and develop the skills they need to turn their passions into reality.

Team Information- 2019-20

Date: Sunday's, Sept 2019-May 2020

Time: 3p-5pm

Location: Cedar Hills

Cost: $175/per month


High School Leadership Program