Discovering the leader within

Learn how to become
a strength based leader in order to leverage your team's natural strengths and abilities. 

Break the Norm Leadership: Vision 

Leadership, is more than a job title. Our social norm dictates that leadership ability is equivalent to job title, job performance, seniority and education.True leaders understand that “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less”. Leadership influence is not positional; it cannot be bought, given or passed down. It must be earned.


Coach Rachel with ‘Break the Norm Leadership’ works to break these social norms and bridge the gap between positional leadership and influence. Rachel helps  leaders, like you, be more influential in the workplace and create happier, healthier, more productive and sustainable strength based teams. Will you Break the Norm?

EmpowerDI Youth Leadership

#EmpowerDI (K-8th grade):  A youth leadership program that promotes critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving. Learn more

#EmpowerDI Summer Camps: Join us for half/full day summer camp and learn how to develop your leadership and teamwork skills through fun challenged based problem solving activities. Learn more

#WeEndure (5th-High School): A youth cycling program encouraging students to be active, healthy, and push beyond their belief barriers. Learn more