Molly and Steve

10th Grade Parents

Our son joined the WeEndure cycling club in 10th grade and loves it.  We are happy that we found a group that enjoys his same passion, and who can train him on proper road cycling techniques, while having fun.  Too bad they don’t have cycling teams in schools. Thankful for this one.  My son has made new friends and has accomplished, physically, more than he thought his body could handle, which gives him a sense of pride.  He has learned how to change a tire, oil the chain on his bike, maintain is bike, and how to take care of his body with proper nutrition and yoga moves.  His self-confidence has improved, his social skills are improving, and the attention and care that Rachel and her team put into making the kids feel like they belong is heartwarming. 

Pradheepa Krishnasamy

7th Grade Mom

WeEndure Youth Cycle program has made a huge difference on our son.  From sportsmanship to teamwork and the highs and lows of a long ride has been a  great learning experience and no textbook can teach that. There is a circle of trust and safety among these cyclist which is admirable.The coaches are knowledgeable, patient and empower young athletes to grow into leaders.  I’ll strongly recommend this program to any young aspiring cyclists.

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